What I Offer

Many companies don’t need a big agency. Not only can the big fees be difficult to justify, but large agencies often are not designed to cope with the needs of a small business. Compared to the big clients paying multi-million dirham fees, it’s easy to feel that your own needs are being overlooked.
I offer something different.

Small businesses are about the people who work at them. The mum who set up a flea market for babies from her kitchen table; the passionate restaurateur who launched his own F&B consultancy. A cookie cutter approach to PR and marketing just isn’t going to get the results you need to drive your business.

That’s where I come in. I have almost two decades of experience of helping companies of all shapes and sizes thrive in the Middle East. Every business is different so I work with you to understand your needs before coming up with a bespoke PR and marketing plan to meet them. Perhaps you need support on a weekly basis, or perhaps just help with a one-off event. Your business may need a full-blown marketing strategy. Or perhaps a few interviews with select media is enough.

Whatever your requirements, one thing doesn’t change: the personal service I offer drives results.

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