FSI Middle East partners with Khadamat Facilities Management to combat the spread of COVID-19

FSI Middle East, the region’s leading facilities management solutions software provider, has partnered with Khadamat Facilities Management to combat the spread of COVID-19 at their UAE University campus in Al Ain.

Using their FSI Workforce Mobility Solution, FSI developed and deployed a customised and operational app within 48 hours. The app aptly named ‘Screening’ allows the security team at the UAE University campus to measure the temperatures of all personnel entering the facility and records it along with their ID numbers and photographs.

The readings are then recorded against the resource within the company’s Concept Evolution CAFM system, allowing Khadamat FM to easily monitor and report on the data, as required.

“When Khadamat FM approached us to assist them in managing the health of their staff, we had to respond very quickly,” explained Adrian Jarvis, director of FSI Middle East.

“Now more than ever, using the technology we have developed over 30 years, to support our clients in the work they do and on the projects they manage, is of paramount importance,” added Jarvis.

David Harris, General Manager of Khadamat Facilities Management praised FSI for delivering a solution is such a timely manner especially under the current circumstances.

‘’It is at times like this, during a crisis situation, that the true benefits of a strategic partnership are realised,” he explained.

“FSI responded immediately to our request for support and provided us with highly effective solution which has saved significant time and effort for our operatives, and allows for excellent record keeping, reporting and analysis of historical data.”

“Furthermore FSI provided the development of the app free of cost in a bid to support the fight against COVID-19, which is also truly appreciated,‘’ added Harris.