Renowned Swiss chocolatier opens first boutique and café in Dubai


Confiserie Sprüngli, creator of the finest Swiss chocolate specialties in the world since 1836, has opened its first boutique and café outside of Switzerland in Dubai, following a five-year search for a location as perfect as its creations.

The company’s artisan-produced chocolates and delicacies were previously only available through private appointment and mail order, but growing demand has prompted the opening of its first boutique and café in the region in the Village Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1 in Dubai.

“When we were looking for a location for our shop, the list of requirements was exhaustive,” explained Ester Crameri, General Manager of Sprüngli Middle East.

“Because the company’s chocolates and confectionary are made without preservatives, they are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature, meaning that freely-available basement parking was essential. For the same reasons the shop had to be centrally located, so the chocolates can be brought home as quickly as possible.”

“It was also imperative for us to find a location which is easily accessible by the local community, hence our decision to choose a site near the historical Jumeirah mosque and the well-known UAE flag. Also, being just another new chocolate shop in an impersonal mall was definitely not an option for us, hence our choice of location,” added Crameri.

Sprüngli chocolates have become world famous for their exquisite taste and their extraordinary quality. The Sprüngli assortment is available to the local market ranges from pralines and world-famous truffles to ‘Luxemburgerli’ (macaroons) and a variety of sweet pastries. Great care is taken to preserve the secret Sprüngli recipes which go back as far as six generations, and all products sold in the new shop will still be produced in the Confiserie Sprüngli production facilities in Switzerland, and air-shipped regularly to Dubai.

“This market is extremely important to us, and over the past few years we have seen a growing demand for our products in the Middle East,” added Milan Prenosil, Chairman of the Board of Confiserie Sprüngli.

“By opening our first boutique and café in the region helps us cater to that demand while bringing it closer to the local community.”

All Sprüngli products are still lovingly made by hand using traditional techniques, and the company uses only the best and freshest ingredients from all over the world, with only natural colourings and no added preservatives.

Over the centuries the creators of the Sprüngli delicacies have travelled the world searching for the finest ingredients and have created a perfect balance between a variety of rare Venezuelan cocoa beans, Swiss Alpine milk, combined with the finest almonds from Valencia, hazelnuts and deliciously smooth gianduja from the renowned nut producing region of Piemonte in Italy. Furthermore, Sprüngli chocolates do not contain any vegetable fat which is used by many other chocolate producers to prolong the shelf life of their chocolates. They only use pure, natural cocoa butter to enhance the taste and quality of their chocolate specialities.

Sprüngli has a wealth of ideas for private individuals and companies when it comes to celebrating special events such as wed- dings, Ramadan and Eid, or fulfilling discerning clients’ wishes for unique corporate gifts and any other momentous occasions. All Sprüngli chocolates can be personalised to each specific customer’s requirements, from unique packaging to a company logo or a name on the chocolate itself.

“We have also been very fortunate to be involved in many high-end local weddings and premier international brands within the Middle East. In fact, Sprüngli chocolates are suitable for all occasions, and especially for all the true connoisseurs of chocolate, and anyone who appreciates a personalised experience and knows what the Sprüngli brand represents,” concluded Prenosil.

For further details, please contact Sprüngli Middle East on Tel: + 971 4 220-0704 or email  You can also visit their new shop in Village Mall on Beach Road in Jumeirah 1, or log onto their website on