Chefs on the Road for a Cause

My lovely client, Daniel During, is currently on a 6,000km gastronomic tour by motorcycle from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Cuzco, Peru to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

Daniel, who is also the Managing Director of Thomas Klein International (TKI), will be accompanied by his nephew Emanuel Duering, a Michelin-star trained Chef in Mallorca.

The two will document their travels as Emanuel cooks in the local restaurants they visit. They hope to raise US$50,000 in donations for charity Alzheimer’s Disease International ( The trip will take approximately four weeks, and due to their passion for food, the duo will also be capturing their culinary experiences whilst visiting the many local markets and restaurants during their trip.

The trip is co-sponsored by Thomas Klein International, and all proceeds collected during the trip will be donated to Alzheimer’s Disease International through

For further details about the trip, please visit and http://thomaskleingroup com / blog /. They need all the support they can get so please be generous!