Shooting Cars introduces a new breed of super model

Launching a talent agency offering a bespoke collection of unique and exotic vehicles for TV, film, photoshoots, events, product launches, and weddings.

Shooting Cars, will be the region’s leading talent agency for unique and exotic vehicles, connecting owners of vehicles with agencies that require them for film, TV, commercial photography, fashion shoots, product launches, events, and pretty much anywhere a vehicle makes for an interesting and captivating prop.

The new platform is ideal for car owners looking to create some extra income from their pride and joy, rather than hiding it away in their garage gathering dust. Some car owners may also have a yearning for their car to be famous, Shooting Cars offers them the perfect platform to make their dreams become a reality by making them accessible to the talent scouts.

“Basically, we’re here to raise awareness for vehicles with soul, class and charisma and breathe new life into them, there isn’t anything more satisfying than seeing your car on a billboard and being paid for the privilege,” explained Fiona Swaffield, Managing Partner of Shooting Cars.

“So, if you are an owner of a unique vehicle – and we’re not just limited to cars – you could own an exotic bike, van, truck, super sports car or even a luxury limo – you can register your vehicle with us free of charge and turn it into a revenue generating asset.”

Shooting Cars also offers a unique platform for agencies, TV and film producers, photographers, art and event directors or even wedding planners looking for the star of their next project.

“The process is super simple. Browse through the fleet of vehicles, select the one you are interested in, fill out our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with the availability of your request. It’s easy and stress free!” added Swaffield.

“An whilst we’re sure you would love to drive off into the sunset with all the cars we showcase here, kindly note that we are not a car rental agency and do not operate as such. We are purely the liaison between vehicle owners and professionals that require them for their projects or events.”

For further details on how to upload your vehicle, or to view the selection of vehicles available, please visit or email Fiona Swaffield on